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Players can take any one of these positions in the game (there might be more, this is an incomplete list!):

Kingdom of England

Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of Sweden

Kingdom of Denmark

United Provinces (Dutch Republic)

Kingdom of France

Kingdom of Spain

Kingdom of Portugal

Duchy of Savoy-Piedmont

Republic of Genoa & St. George

Republic of Venice & St. Mark

The Papal States (the Papacy/Vatican)

The Duchy of Tuscany

The Swiss Cantons

The Principality of Hanover

The Principality of Bavaria

The Principality of Saxony

The Principality of Hesse-Kassel

The Principality of Hesse-Darmstadt

The Duchy of Wurtemburg

The Duchy of Lorraine

The Holy Roman Emperor (Austria, &c)

Principality of Prussia-Brandenburg

The Tsardom of Russia

Principality of Poland (Commonwealth)

Duchy of Lithuania (Commonwealth)

Polish Ukraine (Commonwealth)

Duchy of Courland (Commonwealth)

Ottoman Anatolia (Sultanate)

Ottoman Europe/Rumelia (Sultanate)

Ottoman Syria (Sultanate)

Ottoman/Mameluke Egypt (Sultanate)

Principality of Moldavia (Sultanate)

Principality of Wallachia (Sultanate)

Khanate of the Crimean Tartars

Shahdom of Persia

Sultanate of Oman

Sharif of Hejaz

Moghul India

The Maharatas

The Rajputs



The Asante Union

Kingdom of the Rozwi

Empire of the Abyssinians

Kingdom of Burma

Kingdom of Siam

Shansi province (Imperial China)

Kwantung province (China)

Shantung province (China)

Kingdom of Korea (Imperial China)

Manchuria province (China)

Shogunate of Imperial Japan

Wako Japanese pirates

Madagascan pirates

Blackbeard (West Indies pirate)

William Kidd (West Indies pirate)

The Jacobites (in exile)

The Camisards (Huguenots rebels)

In addition numerous minor positions can be accommodated if you really want them - an example would be a director of the Bank of Hamburg. Some players of large positions set up separate colonial office positions for another player to run, to give another example.

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